More Cowbell Original

Still looking for the more cowbell original skit yet? It is one of the best Saturday Night Live clips in recent episodes. Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken have some of the funniest new quotes since the days of John Belushi and Jim Carrey. If you are looking for some really funny videos, look no further than the SNL "I need more cowbell" sketch. 

The full version video can only be described as super extremely funny. You can't watch the youtube videos online anymore. So where will you go to see the characters in this classic skit that are absolutely memorable. Remember the archives of any old Chris Farley sketch or the famous Jeopardy skits? The "I Gotta Have More Cowbell original" video is just as funny as any other of the other top SNL skits.  

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Not since Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri were cheerleaders, Justin Timberlake had his "  " in a box, or Mr Bill was getting squashed on the Christmas special has Saturday Night Live had this extreme funny of a video available for download or on their DVDs. I'm sure the NBC website schedule in 2008 had more downloads for the more cowbell original skit than any other year.

Thanks to the success of other stars like Tina Fey, SNL has become a late night television hero once again. Once famous for stars like Eddie Murphy and Robert Deniro, I think it is safe to say for all of us that we are glad to see NBC, Saturday Night Live, and Will Ferrell back on top again.

 SNL Full More Cowbell Skit